CLASS SERIES: Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Saturday, May 12, 2018
1 - 3pm
CityLine Plaza | 1201 State Street, Richardson, TX

This Modern Calligraphy class will be a fun an easy going workshop where you will learn the basics of hand lettering! We will review hand lettering techniques, terms, and other skills you can use everyday! There will be lots of group demonstrations, plenty of time to practice, and one-on-one instruction. This class is perfect for someone who is a beginner at hand lettering, someone interested in improving their handwriting skills, or an intermediate skill level just wants individual instruction and practice! You will leave the class with a hand lettering kit (including workbook and all of my favorite pens to letter with) plus practice sheets to take home, making it super easy to practice and improve your skills!

Space is limited. Purchase tickets HERE.

About The Instructor:
Molly Stephenson is a corporate designer by day and a letter fanatic by night! She runs a hand lettering business called Love Letters Handmade in Dallas, Texas. She specializes in hand lettering, chalkboard signs, and customer pieces for weddings and events!