Yoga in the Plaza : Hoodies for Homeless

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
6 - 8pm
CityLine Plaza

Join CityLine for “Cold Yoga” with Reef Point Yoga on Wednesday, Dec. 13 in the Plaza and help warm up someone in need by making donations to Hoodies for the Homeless. Class will start at 6:30 p.m. and guests can enjoy music and drop off donations from 6-8 p.m. New or lightly used hoodies are preferred, but all donations are welcome.

Bring a mat and a friend! Children are welcome to attend as well. Classes are weather permitting, so be sure to check the CityLine and Reef Point Yoga Facebook pages for updates. Please arrive 15 minutes early and enjoy free parking in the CityLine garages.

Hoodies for the Homeless was founded by Tavis Sage Eaton and Dallas native Michael Dustin Youree. Together with their band PushMethod, they began asking fans to bring hoodies to shows that they would then donate to local shelters. Over the last three years, they have hosted events across the country and abroad, truly turning music into action. Youree has wanted to bring a Hoodies event to his hometown for some time, which like many cities, has seen a spike in the homeless population.

“It’s a small way to help, and we have found again and again that shelters are so grateful to have new and lightly used hoodies,” Youree says. “Also, I love that we engage people on the issue of homelessness in a fun way. It makes giving a feel-good activity, not a sacrificial one.”