CityLine Park

3.5-acre park

CityLine Park is 3.5 acres of green space stretching along Routh Creek Parkway, near the DART station. With a playground, picnic area, tree-lined bridges, and hike and bike trails that connect to the Spring Creek Nature Trail, it’s got a little something for everyone – including one of CityLine’s public art pieces located just across the street, One of a Kind.

One of a Kind, 2016
Artist: Timothy Berg & Rebekah Myers

Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers are a Claremont, Calif.-based artists’ collaborative known for casting everyday objects in unexpected ways that provoke questions of materiality, surplus and rarity, and the consequences the of 21st century consumer’s desires.

The duo has created a bright green, ceramic rabbit displayed near the DART CityLine/Bush Station in honor of the wildlife historically found in the area. The sculpture examines the value of authenticity and how it is recognized and valued. The rabbit is a singular representation of the multitude; a profusion of something is said to have multiplied “like rabbits”. It reinforces the idea that while it may appear each one of the multitude seems similar, they are all still one of a kind. The green color reinforces humorous allusions of freshness, renewal, burgeoning life, and vitality.




Routh Creek Pkwy & CityLine Dr


CityLine Park is open 24 hours a day