CityLine Plaza

The heart of CityLine

CityLine Plaza on State Street is where our community comes to connect. The Plaza is a one-acre, centrally located urban space designed by the Office of James Burnett, the landscape architect of Dallas’ signature Klyde Warren Park. Here we host tons of events including live music, market events, fitness classes, and more, and even have a couple of public art pieces to enjoy. With plenty of tables, benches, and lawn space, it’s also a great spot to picnic or enjoy a drink to-go from one of the surrounding CityLine restaurants, while enjoying the year-round twinkle lights in the trees.

Over the Moon, 2016
Artist: Gordon Huether

Gordon Huether was commissioned to create artwork that reflects CityLine’s goal of capturing both the rural and urban landscapes in one active-lifestyle environment. His resulting installation was inspired by the famous ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ nursery rhyme and the iconic Texas longhorn, which connects to the area’s history and traditions.

Huether’s sculpture is approximately 25 feet tall, with the longhorn being approximately 7 ½ feet tall, sitting on top of the moon. Over the Moon is commemorated with a plaque that reads, “At CityLine, anything is possible when you spark imagination. Set lofty goals, make grand plans, then shoot for the Moon. With teamwork, innovation and commitment, your dreams will come true.”

Endless, 2013
Artist: Joseph Havel

Courtesy of The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.
Joseph Havel’s Endless, previously displayed at The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, has been moved to CityLine Plaza. The 101-inch-sculpture gradually transitions from bronze to translucent resin to give it the appearance of an endless column of books. The piece is part of a series of that examines books as vessels holding ideas, memories, knowledge and culture. Havel was originally inspired after integrating some of his father’s books into his own library. He became aware of how their stories and identities were intertwined but also different, and how our personal libraries define us. For Havel, books serve as sets of knowledge, as forms that insist on permanence and our impulse to resist decay.

Havel’s sculptures and drawings have been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States.

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