Eastside Plaza

Located along State Street on the east side of Plano Road, Eastside Plaza is a great place to take a break or eat lunch al fresco in the company of one of CityLine’s public art pieces, Retexo.

Retexo, 2016
Cliff Garten

American artist Cliff Garten has created a bronze sculpture placed in a fountain at the Four CityLine Plaza, on the east side of N. Plano Road. The sculpture’s title, Retexo, is Latin and means to unweave or unravel. Garten’s sculpture portrays this unfolding with a combination of suspended bronze forms with water shimmering over their curved surfaces. Water from the two sculptures drips into a reflecting pool below. He is known for his evocative site-specific sculptures that integrate within urban space, landscape and infrastructure environments. His works have been praised for their ability to utilize light and form to create energy, inspire interest in public activity, and re-frame a sense of place within the public and private realms.

Garten has completed more than fifty-five artworks in public spaces throughout the U.S. and Canada over the last twenty years. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Landscape Architecture with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His studio is based in Venice, Calif.